A Few Sizzling Digital Marketing Stats from This Year

A Few Sizzling Digital Marketing Stats from This Year

The following read throws light on some recent gripping digital marketing statistics. It does not matter whether you are an online marketer, a web developer or just an individual seeking some neat research about social marketing news because we promise this as compelling read for all. This blog is designed to captivate your interest due to the notable facts it holds. Read ahead for an insight on what is happening in the digital marketing scene as of this moment.

Netflix exceeds the subscriber count of American TV

Staggering? Yeah that is what we thought about this fact too. In the first few months of 2017, Netflix had almost two million more subscribers than the top notch TV cable operating companies in the United States. Multiple researchers conclude that people are driving further away from orthodox methods of watching news and entertainment; like a good old television.

Corporates and marketers unwilling to accept trends

Not many well-established businessmen and companies are willing to ride the wave of technological advancement. As new trends are born, firms are being pulled further close to the risk of failing to meet the consumer expectations. For example let us talk about “Voice searching”. Not a brand new concept but what is astounding is the fact that around 20 percent of all mobile searches account for automated voice searching. So yeah as is evident, companies that make use of old marketing methods at this stage who also seem to be unprepared for trends influencing their revenue are bound to fall down sinkholes in the near future.

Unwanted mobile adverts

From 3500 cellphone users from less than 20 countries, noticeably more than half admitted to the fact of sighting more mobile adverts on their devices since the past year. Bad as it seems, yes of course they did find that obstructive and time wasting.

Rapid growth of WhatsApp

We are certain that you are familiar with the fleeting growth of the WhatsApp application. Research deduces that more than 50 percent of all cell phone users in Brazil and Malaysia use WhatsApp on a weekly basis for sharing news and conversing on business related issues. With just around 3 and  5 percent of individuals(respectively) admitting to being engaged in the application in a similar manner to Asian and south American countries; little are Americans and English citizens aware that this trend is eventually going to take the world by storm.

Luxury brand to rack up conversion numbers on the next black Friday

On the upcoming black Friday, brands like Balmain, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and Versace are expected to boost their conversion rates by a difference that is said to be notable. In 2016, luxury brands peaked at their greatest potential ever seen to maximize profits. Not to mention; the amounts being seemingly alarming!

So there you have it; a few digital marketing stats from 2017.


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