How To Reach Out To An Audience With Explainer Videos They Want to Watch

Marketing video content has since long been an integral part of the advertising business. A decade back, the trending part was brand films which was later followed by whiteboard videos. Now the prevalent trend happens to be explainer videos.

However, in your attempts to reach out to the target audience, the job of getting the viewers to the finish line is not an easy one. Research suggests that 1/5th of the viewers will leave your video within just 10 seconds. It is only 65% of the people who watch more than 75% of the video. Another important fact is that the vast majority of the viewers prefer videos that last less than 60 seconds.

Though these facts and figures may prove to be daunting, yet explainer videos are still a must as long as you want to increase conversions and create brand awareness.

The perfect scenario for any business is creating conditions through which you can send out your brand story and also obtain the highest number of viewers watching your video. If you are well aware of your target audience, then you will need to focus on these three areas discussed below.

1. Clearly Define Why Your Product Or Services Matters To Them

The longest part of the conversation between you and your customer is usually focused on this aspect. The problem is that very often people end up with granular details of the product features. This is certainly not the way to attract a customer’s attention. If you want the customer to feel for your product, then try to relate why the product would matter to them. It needs to create an emotional connection with your customers. When you explain the ‘why’ of your offerings, then you should explain the benefits.

2. Limit The Details You Send Out

A common practice that is widely seen is that too many details are crammed into a short video. This is certainly not the way to proceed forward. You need to make your message stand out. For this you need to focus more on style instead of detailed information. Try sending out a more focused message.

3. Your Message Needs To Be Prioritized

Even if you manage to create a killer creative video, yet the possibility that a proportion of your audience will be leaving within the first 10 seconds is high. Hence, prioritize your message. Do what the journalists do. Send out the most important information first. Hence, instead of focusing on giving out lengthy information or delving into other details, send out your message clearly and quickly.


By following these three tactics, you can indeed reach out to your target audience effectively. The world of marketing is really a jungle. All that you need to do is stick to the soul of your brand. This way you can potentially succeed in gaining thousands of views. Your video may end up roaring online. Just stick to the rules and feel the difference.

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