How To Hire a Website Designer & Not Get Scorched?

Before you take the important step of designing a new website for your business or revamping an old one, it is time to think of hiring a website designer who is the perfect fit for the job. This precaution is necessary lest you get scorched. Outsourcing your website design is not a new trend. 54% of the small businesses have been doing this. However, this could possibly become an issue if you don’t address these important questions. There are 4 important questions that you need to have answered.

1. What Are Your Requirements

If you know exactly you want to have done, it becomes a lot easier to work out a realistic budget. This will assist you in taking the critical decision of choosing the right website designer. If you have a small local business, then as many as 6 pages may be enough.

If you have an old and basic site that needs to be made mobile-friendly, then your budget would be different.

Just write the list of things you require and this will be basically what the designer is supposed to do.

2. Find Out Sites That Interest You

An easy way to ensure success is to go out hunting for sites that you like. Look out for things that you admire the most about these sites. Just make a note of whatever you like. This way you will end up capturing concrete information for your website designer. This will lessen the time required for you to create your site, thereby also reducing the costs you have to endure. This way you can end up with a site that you love for sure.

3. The costs

Costs for hiring a web designer vary from as low as $20 an hour to as high as over $100 an hour. The average cost that you could possibly be looking at lies in between $45 to $80 per hour. Though you may use these parameters to make a guess, yet it does not tell you about the real costs. An easy way to proceed forward is to know that designing a six-page site could cost you $720. This means $60 per hour and two hours spent on every page. An additional $300 may be added to that amount for developing the overall design or coordinating with you.

4. How To Look For The Right Fit For a Website Designer

Try obtaining the names of around 5 designers through your friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Looking for someone who is available to do the work and charges an amount that is well within the reach of your budget. As a rule, the web designer should be able to provide 1-2 additional references and set up your site in ways that allows you to make minor edits. This way you can narrow down the choices.


Not being sure of what you want can cost you heavily as you will try coordinating it with the web designer who will charge you extra for this. The best way to reduce costs is to be sure of what you exactly want and have your plan ready before you talk to the web designer you are hiring.

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