6 eCommerce Design Mistakes Frustrating Your Customers

When creating an e-commerce design website, it is always necessary to keep a focus on designing an excellent webpage which genuinely grabs the keen instant attention of visitors. Many designers make many mistakes in e-commerce design websites which are must to avoid. The perfect e-commerce design websites can create a stunning visual impression on visitors to have a pleasant online product shopping experience.

Here are the 06 e-commerce design mistakes frustrating your customers:

Poor Clutter Navigation

It is the first mistake in e-commerce web design to have a poor clutter navigation structure which often becomes messy and confusing for visitors. It creates a wrong impression on customers to make them bounce back from the website. The simplified navigation is the key to success in an e-commerce design website which makes visitors to easily and quickly go through a site and make a decision to purchase.

Not Mobile-Friendly Design

It is the huge mistake not to design your website mobile friendly which makes you regret with declining customers and decreasing sales revenue. Having a mobile responsive website is a crucial step in e-commerce website design to access more visitors from different platforms with a cross-browser compatibility function to help increase traffic and conversion.

Limited Product Images

The insufficient product images fail to attract customers to convince them to buy. It is a technical blunder to post fewer images with smaller sizes. It is a necessary step to display the high-quality images with large dimensions to provide the real perspective of the product.

Complex Check Out Process

The problematic checkout process in e-commerce web design makes things difficult for customers to complete the purchase process with complex payment solution. It is a fatal mistake for your website which frustrates the customers and makes them abandon the site with no purchase.

Selecting the Wrong Platform

Deciding the wrong platform could spoil all your endeavors in designing the e-commerce website and landing on poor usability structure of a site. It is a wise decision to choose among the best suitable e-commerce platform for your business which is free of cost such as Shopify, Magento, big commerce, and woo commerce.

Not Aligning Social Media Platforms

It is a worse mistake not to align your e-commerce design website with a social media platform to deprive your business of enormous website traffic, audience engagement, and increased sales revenue with the higher conversion. Social media platforms provide the dominant way to improve your brand awareness with more purchase to earn incredible profit and ROI for your business.

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