Pros and cons of using custom built and template based web designs

Pros and cons of using custom built and template based web designs

Are you at unease after finally coming up with a decision of investing in a website for your company because of being uncertain of what your next step should be? Unconfident about which way to go? No need to worry, Perfecent Employees have a decent amount of expertise in web designing. We allow our clients with an ease of access by providing them with multiple options about the way they want their websites to be designed. This blog is intended to provide you some insight on web designing and reading it is assured to somewhat if not entirely influence your next decision regarding the subject of web designing, in a positive manner.


It is efficient:

Ideally using a template based web design would be the most efficient mode for building a website or restructuring an old one because using a template design would not need any variations and the website can be even be in working after just a few days or maybe even hours. However a custom built website may take weeks to be ready.

It is Cheap:

You can have access to decent template designs for as less as a 3 figure amount whereas custom ones are pricey (can cost up to thousands of dollars) and surely, investing less in a startup project would be a smart business decision. Seemingly, we would advise you to opt for a template based design if you are having a website created from scratch. However if you have no worries regarding the costs then go for the custom design because everyone prefers a unique and creative design over a previously sighted one.


Lack of choice:

There is no secret to the fact that opting for a template based web design instantly limits you to just handful of choices. By doing so, you only have access to few web designs which may or may not be used by numerous other companies. On the other hand; a custom web design cannot be similar to any other existing web designs as all custom tailored web designs are pretty much different in all aspects including the color pallet.


Are you a do it yourself, tech savvy kind of an individual? If not, then the template design might not be for a person like you because you may not be able to edit or tweak your website later on if you feel like doing so. A custom built website will be designed according to your speculations so you can edit or mess around with the web pages you own, whenever or however you desire.

So yeah as discussed, those were a few pointers to keep in mind when choosing the appropriate way to have a website designed. Being unaware of your situation, we cannot say much on which method seems the most fitting for you. It is however advisable to always remember your foremost aim when having your website designed in your desired manner.

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