Why mobile web design is a must in 2017

Why mobile web design is a must in 2017

If your website is not mobile optimized in 2017, we hate to say it but you are doing it wrong fam. The technological advancement is on rapid growth in this era and more than half of all traffic on most websites is generated not through desktops but mobile versions of their website. Due to increased mobile activity as of 2017, it is imperial for brands and companies to have mobile friendly communication platforms. This blog should somewhat if not entirely, educate you on why is mobile web design a necessity for all digital marketers at this moment.

Allows higher search engine ranking:

Websites that work optimum on all platforms (also known as responsive websites) tend to have better SEO rankings due to the quality user experience that they provide. Web searches on cellular phones have exceedingly dominated the search count on desktops as of last year. Do keep in mind that comparatively Google’s coding for search results on mobile and desktops differ each other which means your SEO ranking on a desktop and phone will be unlike.

Greater engagement of users:

A firm having an exceptional user-friendly website is bound to attract more web traffic. You must be wondering why we are stressing on web traffic. It is due to the fact that web traffic is one of the vital factors that directly impact a website’s performance. Masses have been reported switching from device to device, in order to achieve a task. By providing a responsive web design your clientage will see u as a trustworthy brand because you are allowing your customers with an alternative access to your web (useful if the site does not function well on one of the platforms they are using). The point being that a responsive web design will ultimately result in brand-loyal customers.

To be regarded a modern website:

Your company may provide some of the best products and the most valuable services, but with a poor web design that does not allow users to access your respective services on their phones, you will be categorized under websites which are no different than an Auk(a creature that is extinct) LOL. Okay it was not that funny but let us move forth with wrapping up this read.

Websites that do not function on mobiles have a considerably low search engine optimization ranking and they are being shoved further down the search results page, as new aspiring sites emerge who are rapidly upping their SEO game. Gradually these non-responsive websites will become inaccessible and the companies operating them are bound to incur massive losses leading to their ruination. So seemingly, coming up with a responsive web design that is primarily designed to work top-notch on new smart phones would the perfect choice for a web developer in 2017.

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