Traditional marketing, also called outbound marketing, is guided on a one – way communication, where the company announces its goods and services in a massive way hoping that customers capture their message and act accordingly to their intentions.

Think of traditional marketing as a trial and error game, where every action is a dart that may or may not hit the target. If you hit, that’s great, otherwise, you are wasting your darts, your time and your money.

In contrast, Inbound Marketing, also called Digital marketing, has the eyes on the customer’s needs, that is, it meets the target, knows the distance separating the dart, the speed needed to get there and how to aim at the center, not to waste any chance. This means that it is better prepared to achieve your goals than traditional marketing.

Still not convinced of what marketing method has more advantages?


1st Digital Marketing Advantage


High power segmentation, based not only on demographics but also on consumer behavior;

2nd Digital Marketing Advantage


Focus on customer needs, helping him to take more assertive decisions;

3rd Digital Marketing Advantage

Communication Personalization

Communication personalization with the customer, which creates closeness and trust in the relationship;

4th Digital Marketing Advantage

Lower Cost

Lower cost for implementation and monitoring;

5th Digital Marketing Advantage


It is a strategy that generates long-term results, making it a sustainable marketing strategy;

6th Digital Marketing Advantage

Power viralization

High potential for viralization, as well developed content often shared on the Internet, increasing its visibility;

7th Digital Marketing Advantage


Results of measurement from the first action of Inbound Marketing, with tools monitoring and web analytics to help you understand where you are and where to go;

8th Digital Marketing Advantage

High Engagement

Greater customer loyalty since it’s about winning the interest of people, rather than interrupting them with advertisements;

9th Digital Marketing Advantage


It comes at the right time to the right person that is, when she’s looking for what you offer, increasing the chances of conversion.

Advantages of Digital Marketing: Inbound strategy

Inbound Marketing is more than a strategy, it is a great look on the marketing of your company. It is an innovative and more appropriate way to relate to your leads and customers, generating value through content that help educate, inform and entertain.

No matter who is your customer, be it business or an individual, it’s all connected!

And the best way to draw them is through your inbound marketing tactics.

No more hope for successful marketing efforts, we do marketing that works in practice!


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