Creative Web Design and UI trends to follow in 2018

Creative Web Design and UI trends to follow in 2018

Creativity has no specific definition. It can be anything that is aesthetically attractive and fulfills requirements. In the domain of web designing and UI the creativity is sometimes the name of minimalism and sometimes it’s all about fine detailing. Sometimes it is about functionality and sometimes it’s all about beauty. Sometimes creativity appears in organic mediums and shapes and sometimes it is in inorganic stuff.

In my personal view if we define creativity with any specific definition it will put boundaries and demolish the real concept of being creative that’s why it’s better to keep on exploring new and amazing things in your specific domain. When it comes to UI or web designing, the market trends are very important because they emerge on the basis of statistic, what users are liking and what is efficient for any particular task.

In this blog, you will be reading the 2018 coming trends in fields of UI and web designing.

Playful and Detailed Illustrations

Coming year can be a blessing for all illustration kings. 2018 trends will include amazingly detailed and contoured illustrations. Being playful with colors and illustrating things to add a realistic look to objects or designs can win hearts of clients and users. The demand for such illustrations has already emerged in the market. In design field, people are working energetically to generate illustrations that on abstract, realistic, social and educative themes and their work is the new love of market. Creativity mixed with this trend will surely generate a super amazing design.

Blend of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is already in the market for many years and in design field of web and UI people are utilizing this technology. It is not something actually new but still, it is a trend of 2018. Actually, VR technology advancement has made it possible to try new ideas in design. The blend of VR technology actually increases instructiveness of design and many users are attracted to it. Sometimes VR also makes design more user-friendly so designers are trying new blends and ideas with VR.


The concept of frames of designing is changing. The new trend is to eliminate boundaries or frames of design. It is actually creative and makes design appealing as well. Even the televisions and electronic gadgets are also designing their screens according to this trend. The real creativity of this trend is to design in a way that different objects or elements of your design don’t get mixed up with each other.

The mentioned three are the trends of 2018 and designing according to it is good but in the field of web and UI designing the real king is one who works to set new trends. Following these trends is great but a truly creative person can actually set new trends for the coming year by advancing the work some steps more within these trends or out of these.

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