Chatbots and the future of Web Development

Chatbots and the future of Web Development

Taking an astounding rise in popularity, chatbots refer to the automated programs that stimulate conversation with us over the web. Facebook, Instagram,snapchat and a lot of other applications dominating the digital marketing industry are making smart use of messaging chatbots. Chatbots are smart but developers have not reached that level of prominence which allows us to communicate with them in a human-like manner. They can mostly help us stuff like: directions, placing online orders, asking for information about services from a website etc.


Whether you need to buy a product, file a complaint and just browse through some online stores, you can let out a sigh because long gone are the days of unnecessary time wasting phone calls. We can all admit to the fact of being frustrated at some point in our lives while shopping or communicating on the internet. Now that Chatbots have flooded the scene, efficient service is a dominating feature that people are seeking when running an online task.

Quality never varies:

Being immune to slacking, exhaustion, limited information and other factors that halt our performances, chatbots are the real deal. These smart artificial intelligence bots are very useful when the work required is solely dependent on two factors: quality and quantity. A chatbot will provide instantly what may take individual ages to do, not to mention they provide the same quality every time.

Cost effective:

Eliminating the worry of overhead costs and occupation of work space, chatbots are helping save both consumers and clients billions of dollars.

Convo replaces browsing:

Prestigious brands like YSL, NEXT, Triangle etc have already put this idea into implementation. Appropriate bot placement is an imperial factor here. Most companies make use of worldwide used apps like facebook messenger; where the most of their consumer base originates from.  Easy at it sounds, all you have to do is converse with the chatbot which is pretty similar to talking to a friend.

Evidently chat bots are surely the future of web development. Advantageous as they sound, chat bots do however have a great drawback. The automated programs are bound to knock down one of the biggest industries like healthcare, banking and other labour intensive firms. There is no question about the fact that in the near future chatbots will entirely have a hostile takeover and everything is fated to be automated to the last bit. Though this does mean a cutback in real time job opportunities and masses losing jobs, we have to ultimately face the actuality that chat bots are undoubtedly the future.

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