Since its inception, the web technology has evolved much. Every year web design companies astonish the users with exciting innovative ideas of website layouts. The year 2017 has been replete with significant and rapidly changing trends and has set new benchmark for web developers in the coming year.  Many web designs will be seen to continue in 2018 but with certain modifications and further development. Following 9 creative web designs will flash before our eyes in 2018.

  1. Asymmetric Grid Layouts

Becoming popular in 2017, the coming year will see further development in broken and unconventional layouts. Website designers will do more experiment with layout structures. However, asymmetrical web content looks best if placed outside of standard column grid i.e. 8, 10, 12 or 15 etc. These broken layouts can generate interest and draw attention of the viewers if web designers incorporate unique typography, vibrant images and create attractive juxtapositions and layouts.

  1. Vibrant and Bold Colors

To infuse more character and personality into the web designing, designers have sought ways of incorporating vibrant and lively colors. The year 2018 will give you more contrasting hues and bright combinations as digital brands will revamp their color palettes.

  1. Advanced Animations

Great deal of work is in process for development of animations. Story-telling and engaging animations will be more common. Animations have evolved from a small loading device that distracts the user while content loading to an amazing hover-state as a UX device hovering viewer over a link.

  1. Interactive Illustrations

More engaging illustrations will be the continuing trend of this year. Brands and services are exploring creative ideas of interacting with the users and entertain them with exciting animations. The main goal of the illustrators is to stand out in the crowded online market by shaping the brand into a living identity with a specified tone and personality.

  1. Mobile-first model

The web designs will be first created for smallest screens like mobile phones and then will be transformed for bigger screen devices. Although the trend is not new and was initiated few years ago but will continue in 2018.

  1. Minimalist Design approach

The concept of lesser is more will further enhance. Web designers are looking into new ideas of incorporating clear and elegant graphics with more use of whitespace.

  1. Bold Typography

Website design agencies are focusing on developing more inspiring and striking copies, for which they are using bold and bigger fonts with simple positioning. Websites tend to connect with the users through emotional and impactful text.

  1. Single Page Websites

The single-page websites were introduced in 2016 but can be foreseen to become more common in the coming year. In single-page website, the layout is one long page with navigation through scrolling up and down.

  1. Video Usage

After the growth of social media, the usage of videos for delivering message and information has comparatively increased. Now brands have replaced pictures and stills with self-explanatory videos that tell the users everything about the brand.


The bottom line is that trends will come and go, spurred by the evolution of our technology. These developments can be utilized to both entice and engage new and existing users when applied optimally. That is why it is important to look to the future now for ideas and inspiration so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

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