6 Amazing Strategies to Add To Your Design Book

6 Amazing Strategies to Add To Your Design Book

A website is basically a combination of content, branding, script, video, logo etc. aligned properly to follow a theme to look aesthetically appealing. Being a website designer it is mandatory to keep an eye on existing trends and styles of designing. When trends are mixed with creativity, the outcome is really productive and efficient. For such kind of designing you need to strategize your design style. Trying new techniques and giving your clients best at all cost is the quality of a good website designer.

To help you out with new trends and amazing design strategies which you can add to your design book for better outcomes, I have compiled some information on this blog.

Grid Free Design Style

To produce creative and out of the box website layouts and design elements try to work without grids as well. For products related to the fashion industry, this technique is widely used and admired by the people. There is a big margin of creativity and every time you will end up with an entirely unique design.

Minimalism Approach

Current trend highly discourages extra ornamentation in design. Selective content adjusted in a simple order with very less or no decor is preferred more in the market. The reason is that simplicity leads to high level of well-managed navigation. Secondly, it is easy and less time consuming to create such designs.

Simplicity of Theme

Congested, and complex themes are very difficult to operate. User’s never found such themes interesting and attractive because many times it is complicated to understand where to go and what to do on a website. The simplicity of theme makes the overall design user-friendly and functional.

Decrease Loading Time

Statistics show that almost 60% of the organic audience consent the website before viewing it completely. If the website takes too long to load and start people simply close the window and shift towards other options. You can reduce loading time by compressing the images, skipping the carousels, avoiding third-party themes, and removing nonessential widgets.


Use suitable typography for website design. It increases readability and allows the user to understand things easily. You can also use bold typography, as this style is back in the market now. You can also create your own typography through software. Customized typography allows creating the unique look of the website.

AR and VR are Modern Techniques

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the charms of modern designing techniques. A lot of designers are now incorporating these two techniques in their designing to make it glare and prominent but both of these techniques require expert level skills. A well trained can make it functional. The design and implementation of these two techniques require more budget but the outcome is always amazing.

Hopefully, mention 6 strategies can make your design style remarkable and client`s favorite as well. Customized designs are

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