5 Web UI Errors to Avoid in 2018

A web user interface (UI) designer plays an important role in ensuring that the web UI has all the things that are easy to access and are understandable by the user. Therefore, a web UI designer must know about the things that may poorly affect the experience of the user. By avoiding these errors they can generate better web UI.

Confusing UX with UI

To some extent, this can be confusing for novice designers because they seem to have similar abbreviations. In reality, User Experience or UX is the total “impression” the people who use software, get from using a web page. On the other hand, UI is its tribute, the expression, the demonstration and interactivity of a product. But, it is commonly confused by the web design companies that hire web UI Designers. Keeping both separately, a web UI designer must consider the capabilities of the users and can also help accomplish creating something that interacts fine with them.

Using bulky elements on a page

The most terrible thing that must be avoided is using dead-weight or bulky elements on a page. Designers can easily avoid this by eliminating excessive elements, also by lessening visual noise and reusing elements. He must make sure the loading speed is optimized otherwise he can lose some serious business. And lastly, more isn’t more, so be choosy.

Creating only reading texts

Using a strong combination of images, texts, gifs or appropriate videos is crucial and the designer must know the preference of users as they are visual—very visual. He must be proficient in crafting a visually appealing site with balance. As creating only reading texts is a big mistake that must be avoided.

Unpleasant heading

The most crucial part of web UI is headline or title that serves as the first impression to people. If the title is not attractive, or misleading it won’t get enough attention from its readers. Because the headline is what, people see first.

Complex web UI design

Clean. Simple. Clear. Pleasant. Concise are five words that U.I designers must use to describe the work they aim to do. As the complex web UI designs can puzzle the user and even, completely alienate them in an extreme case. According to the new study, 80% of users use only 20% of software features. So, if the designers can’t handle a complex feature, the next best thing they can do is to hide it. The clear and simple user interface makes it stress-free for users to tell the operating system what they want to do.

A good web UI design should be eye-catching, attractive, clear, responsive, consistent, efficient and concise enough for the users to grasp. Having a good and worthy user interface designs will make things quite easy. Therefore, designers should make sure to design a good user interface so the users can work hastily. Today, a good and decent web UI design is very important as the poor web UI designs can make a winning website failing to make an impact.

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