5 Things You Need to Know about SEO

5 Things You Need to Know about SEO

SEO refers to the process of optimization of the website on any search engine. The more you work to optimize your website, more it gets top ranking on search engines and eventually will lead to more business. Every time when we search for any keyword, the websites appear on the first page of Google are not there just because of their content but because of placement of content and keywords smartly.

Many business holders assume that rather than investing in SEO, paid ads are more important to generate ROI. But facts say that

“Interestingly, three-fourths of the users focus on the organic result without giving importance to the paid ads”

So keeping in mind the value of SEO for any business, I am writing few point to shed light on things you need to know about the game changer phenomenon called SEO.

1.    Link Building

Link building is an essential strategy for smart SEO. Even, study suggests sites having backlinks are more successful than sites without backlinks. Rand Fishkin, Moz’s founder said,

“Link building provides your site more worth”

Link building through blogs, magazine interviews or social media postings is also a beneficial strategy to benefit any business.

2.    Keywords

The keyword is the king of SEO. Keywords are the words people use to search anything they need to know. Using relevant keywords in content help your site to stand out from the long list of websites related to the same niche. There are two categories of keywords the short tail and the long tail keywords. Short tail keywords are of less use because most of the time people use long tail keywords to search anything.

Add the relevant keywords in the articles, in its title and body. But remember putting too many keywords on one page can ruin the whole structure of your site. Google marks spam on using too many keywords. So, it’s better to not to use more than five keywords in one article.

Also, make a good use of keyword tool. Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder., Moz’s Keyword Explorer, Keyword Tool, SEMrush are the most recommended keyword tool.

3.    Black hat SEO tactics

Forget black hat SEO tactics. Black hat refers to the bad guy. Because it is a strategy used to raise site ranking by violating SEO rules. Includes:

  • Content Automation
  • Hidden Text
  • Repetition of keywords
  • Report against competitor
  • Tricky Redirects
  • Wrapping
  • Link Schemes
  • Buying links
  • Article Spinning
  • Robotic Queries to Google

Avoid above mentioned tactics if you’re using, they’re useless. Using them you would make your page banned permanently from the Google.

4.    White hat SEO tactics

Use white hat SEO strategies for long-lasting business success. White hat SEO is an effective, functional way that focuses the audience rather than search engines. It is an ethical way to rank the site without violating the rules of the search engine. Use below mentioned tricks:

  • Put quality content
  • Use semantic Mark-ups
  • Proper titles and details
  • Use of appropriate keywords
  • Add relevant keywords to the article

5.    Website Speed

If your website is taking too long to load a big number of audience will switch to other sites with giving a single glimpse to yours. No matter how great web content you’re putting on it, website speed matters. Website speed is an important for both SEO and for UX. Study suggests,

“Three-fourth of the users will leave a page that takes 4 seconds or more to load”

Loading-speed adversely affects if you’re opting an inappropriate host, using enormous images on your site and using coding that not updated. So make a wise decision while doing anything as it can badly effect potential customers visiting your site.

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