5 things you need to fix on your Web UI

Website is not just a combination of different pages but a lot more than that. A Web designer holds a lot of responsibility to create an interactive website. A website that engage visitors and make them visit your whole website with keen interest.
Your web developer should know how to update website according with the up-gradation of technology.

Design your web interface according to the usage

Web designer should know the target audience and their nature about how they use websites.
If your website is used on mobile phones, it should have sliders and swap options. Mobile users do not prefer website that open up links on links. Your users define your interface, if they are common people than direct selection will be cool but if they are professionals than you should design it on a click away strategy.

Create Responsive website

Your websites should be designed for desktop or mobile both. It should be responsive. A responsive website appear on all digital devices according to its screen’s aspect ratio. It shows that your website is specially designed for that specific device.

Set Web Anticipations for further actions

Your visitor should know that where the button will lead to. Your buttons should remove the anxiety of user about the consequences of clicking on it. Use highly understood symbols to make your site user friendly. For example use a trash symbol to decree delete button. Or a cross symbol to close the file.
Use purposeful dialogue boxes

Excessive dialogue boxes discourage users to visit your entire website. Your website should have purposeful dialogue boxes designed for confirmation. For payment and subscriptions, try adding a separate div on your website’s footer. Deliver warning and confirmation to their given emails.
Use clear body for your buttons that require less content.

Re-confirmation of payment and personal data

Most of the e-commerce websites possess online payment method. If you are running an online business or have forms to fill, activate or highlight your confirmation button only if valid information is filled out.
In-active Confirmation bars help you and your clients in revising their data further. It helps you to prevent any mistakes before it could happen.
Anticipating mistakes is less frustrating than fixing it later.
If someone has filled out wrong data pop-up correction dialogue bar for example: “Kindly enter correct email address.”
Keep a restore option just in case if your customer filled out a cart or accidently deleted that, he doesn’t has to select all of the things again. Instead, he could simply go to restore option and get the deleted list back.

E-commerce business depends on your website design mainly. If your website is easy to understand, you can get more customers unlike a complicated and highly decorative web design.

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