5 steps to perfect Facebook post.

Facebook is a great platform where people socialize with other through their useful postings.  The perfect Facebook post is just like a short blog required skills and creativity.

These are the five steps to perfect Facebook post:

  1. Writing style

The most important aspect of crafting a perfect Facebook post is writing. It is a skill you need. Facebook post is a message that we convey to the masses. Therefore, the use of clear, concise and meaningful words are crucial. Keep it small, precise, expressive and clear. But, it’s not that easy, you have to practice. You can develop this proficiency by posting regularly.

  1. Appropriate use of emoji

The study proved that Facebook posts with emoji’s are more attention-grabbing for the users than the posts without emoji, they have more likes, more comments and people share those post more. Those little emoticons can express your sentiments, moods more than the words, sometimes. But, using too much emoji’s can make your post dull. So, the appropriate use is mandatory.

  1. Fascinating visuals

Texts are not just enough. With writing, your post needs eye-catching visuals too. For a perfect Facebook post, you need to add some attractive graphics that can grab more attention. Instead of stealing images from sites, one must share his/her memories through visuals.

In visuals you have many options; you can go live and communicate with your friends, you can share your photographs and many other things you can do.

  1. Right time to post

The ideal post can engage users. The more interesting your post is, more likely you can get likes or comments. Using tricks like asking users, their participation, their reviews or feedbacks, their suggestions are undoubtedly useful. But, you will not see active engagements from the users if you post them at wrong times. One of the well-known social media marketing specialists, Amanda Wood said once in her interview,

“We share twice a day on Facebook as we have a large audience across different time zones. We found this was the amount that works best for our audience and content. While we used to post eight times a day, we saw a significant increase in engagement after we cut down our number of daily posts.”

  1. Things to avoid:

Being a person who posts a lot on Facebook, you must know some severe mistakes to avoid to craft perfect Facebook post. So, here you go:

  • Avoid Lengthy or too many texts
  • Including Multiple Links to the post
  • Directly Promoting a Product or your Business
  • Ignoring the Negative comments
  • Begging for Likes and Shares to the users
  • Use of full URLs instead of short links
  • Stealing other posts

So, above are the steps that should be given importance while posting.
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