5 Benefits of Animated Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

5 Benefits of Animated Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Are you facing difficulty while explaining complex ideas to the people? Don’t worry, this blog will surely help you in explaining complex ideas to the customers with the help of animated motion graphics and also uncover the benefits of it.

Motion graphics animated explainer videos are a need for every business whether it is small or big. Because the visuals can interact more quickly with the people than the writings and even user enjoys them.

Following are the benefits of using animated motion graphics videos:

Simplest way to go

Motion graphics animated explainer videos can pass complex ideas in a very simple way, people also grasp it easily. Even, today many companies are using it to make the customers well-aware about their products.

Synthesizing power

Other than simplifies the intricate concept, motion graphics are considered as the most powerful weapon for synthesizing long, wordy information with the help of its colorful visuals, illustration, pictures, and color.

Appealing way to educate

It is a perfect way to turn boring or dull information into the fascinating content. Even most of the people would be least-interested to read that long statistics, facts or figures given on the site. Comparatively, we prefer interesting animated videos more than the texts.

Most classy technique

Along with the synthesizing and other above-mentioned benefits, graphics animations give your video an elegant, appealing look. It is very sophisticated way, preferable to use when you have to say something noticeably to the people. The style helps you to make speech more memorable for the people.


While choosing any market strategy, always try to opt the simplest way that gives you maximum benefit. Like, there would be no use of using the market strategy that gives you nothing but a stress. The same goes here if you choose tedious content for your product’s explanation than customers will find difficulty in understanding and also writing a wordy text or description of the product is time-consuming. On the other hand, animated videos help the user to connect in a better way with the product.

Important statistics to study

  • More than 80% of people find the information more appealing that is being shown in graphics animated videos
  • Graphic animated videos improved the conversion rate dramatically by 75%

No matter, what size or type your company has; whether it is related to health, science, media, politics, marketing, or even it’s about education. For all, Motion Graphic Video animated videos can play an important role in business promotion, increase the ranking of the website and even improve the conversion rate.

Even, study suggests that site or a page with explainer videos can get 50% more chance of viewership as compared to those who don’t have. Because videos are considered as more instructive than the texts.

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