3 Reasons why mobile web design is a must in 2017

3 Reasons why mobile web design is a must in 2017

As of 2016, the number of mobile searches has significantly surpassed the number of desktop searches. This just goes to show the obvious, smartphones and mobile devices are being used increasingly more for browsing the internet and businesses nowadays are emphasizing more on designing and obtaining their own mobile websites.

One survey shows that 30% of customers hesitate or sometimes cancel a purchase if the website is not optimized for a mobile device. Majority of online shoppers are using their mobile devices to shop these says as it is undoubtedly a more quicker and convenient medium.

If you are still in the process of deciding whether your company should have a mobile website designed or not then here are 3 reasons why mobile web design is a must in 2017:

  1. It has become compulsory

If you take a look at any professional website that has been around for a while, it spends equal or more time and resources on regularly developing mobile web design. All the best website designers, web design services, and web development agencies are now offering mobile web design content. This only highlights the obvious, mobile users are increasing by the day. Approximately 80% of all online shoppers use their mobile devices to shop. This is a huge number of potential customers that a business is LOSING OUT on if they do not have a mobile website. This also means that the only way to obtain repeating customers is to provide your customers with a user friend mobile website.

  1. Increases search engine rankings

most of the top search engines in the world prefer websites that are easily accessible via mobile devices because they are more responsive and that naturally increases the search rankings by providing a user-friendly experience. Mobile devices also use a different search algorithm, this means that your search engine rankings will be different for desktops and mobile devices. Thus, having a high ranking on a desktop search does not necessarily mean that the ranking will be the same on a mobile device. This has a direct effect on the traffic on your website since as mentioned in the beginning, mobile searches have officially taken over desktop searches.

  1. Increases your Brands recognition

A good, user-friendly mobile website always increases the customer base since any online shopper is attracted to the idea of a fast easy to use online shopping process. If your mobile web design is well thought out and provides a quick and convenient shopping experience for your customers then the chances of your business to have long term repeating customers increase since almost 90% of online customers have gone mobile. Having a strong mobile web presence naturally increases your brand recognition which in return directly effects your sales.

It’s never too late to start with your mobile web design process. However, the sooner you get your mobile website up and running, the better. Hire a professional web design agency and ask for their help regarding the nature of the content you showcase on your mobile website. It is crucial to first acknowledge the importance of having a mobile website and then if you follow some basic guidelines on how to design an impactful, user-friendly mobile website, your mobile website should be up and running in no time.

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