If you’ve ever come across with any specialized copywriter, you must know the importance of testing each element present in your website. Testing the Copywriting components on Landing Page is scientifically crucial. It is something more than art, a science that merely tries an alternative and recording the results.

Use this list to dive into some of the most effective copy types on your landing pages that should testify for betterment:


No doubt, CTA is one of the most crucial pieces of the element on your website.

Nowadays, there’s a trend of less generic CTAs and more focused CTAs that include ownership, verbs, and convincing adjectives. Like, “Get your free subscription, now” is more convincing than “Submit.” Make sure that your call to actions is provocative action versus causing more misperception.

There’re numerous elements you can test in your CTA such as it’s…Location, Coloration, Style.  I would suggest you test out some more evocative CTAs than you have right now. Just go for more persuasive call-to-action for your visitors.


Captions are those little bits of text you write under your images in a website. No matter what size it has, the research says that captions get the most attention on your site, sometimes 200% more attention from the site visitors.

A case study with hundred people has shown that visitors generally look at images first and headlines second. In fact, we are trained to look for images as we are a visual learners, learn visual content more than texts. So captions get the benefit of eye tracking appeal of pictures and are the device for your site visitors to have a clear understanding of that image they perceive. That does mean, you cannot overlook the importance of captions, too. Try testing on captions, use intent driving copy, explain the value of captions and incite actions in it.


If you’re hunting for the most influential elements on your web page, then I’ll clear you it is none other than your content headlines. The headline is probably one of the first thing a visitor sees on your website, so it has to be one that drives visitors to convert. You site visitors who are readers now want clarity more than cuteness. The headlines should be clear enough to answer these two questions: What is it? What does it do for me? If your headline is sophisticated and not readable, then it is not a good sign for your site conversions.

If your headline isn’t answering these two questions, you need to run a split test or something valuable to know about the feedbacks of the people coming to your website and so to improve site.

I believe these three elements more critical with most significant impact among other elements. So, keep this checklist in front of your mind while valuing landing page, and you’ll be best to move the needle on your conversions.

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