3 Amazing UI changes you need to make in your web design

3 Amazing UI changes you need to make in your web design

Websites are to sell and promote a brand. Another purpose is to market the objectives and products to the world so that clients can pick best for them but many times designers forget the motive of a website and just start focusing on designing elements, this may lead to a great design but the functionality and UI of a website come under a question mark.

That`s why according to professional a great design is good in perspectives of aesthetics as well as user interface. The ease of options will surely deliver your message more efficiently.  Here are three amazing UI changes you need to make in website design to make it more effective and friendly for the audience.

Generate Simplicity and Consistency

From term simplicity, it doesn`t mean that you eliminate design elements or go for a layout with only 2 to 3 tabs but it means that add elements of design in a smarter way. Junking the stuff in your layout with the approach that “more is good” is not actually suitable for UI because users feel it complicated to decide where to go and they find required information after some hassle.

A simple yet organized layout will is ideal. Add design elements only when they are complementary to the other stuff. A flow and consistency of design help people to initialize things easily. From very first look they try to understand the nature and way of working of a webpage. Now they expect that rest of the things will fall in a similar way and they don`t have to work for understanding for every tab or option on the website.

Suitable Typography and Color Selection

Suitable typography is essential to increase readability.  Many times people switch from websites to another because they find a difficulty in reading the text. Being a designer it is necessary to first understand what will be pleasing to eyes and what will distract.

Sometimes a distracting picture in the background and almost similar color text in the front layer make things complicated and disturbs the mind. Very sharp tones or disassociated tones (not from the selective palette) is the reason that badly decreases the graph of UI design for any website. Sizes and colors actually direct the eyes and generate a flow of navigation as well in a design.

Visual Hierarchy

Important components of an interface should have a superior look as compared to less important elements. You can either highlight them, can generate hierarchy by selection of different colors or can vary the sizes to show the importance.

Mark your most important elements on a notebook or rough mockup before finalizing the layout and rest of the things.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to make your website design better and will make it user-friendly. In the design, we field we always recommend people to work for solutions and for the audience rather than only focusing on looks all the time.

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