11 New Web Design Ideas That Require Implementation

11 New Web Design Ideas That Require Implementation

Website designing has now become an important element of marketing. As 2018 is about to start there in the field of website designing people are working on new trends and some new catchy ideas to make their work prominent than others.

Rather than just running to chase other people or trends designers should try to implement the ideas that are actually beneficial and easy for them and viewers. Here in this blog, you will be reading 11 new website design ideas that require an implementation to make your website super amazing one.

  1. Mingle Concept and Aesthetics

What is popular in the market is that designers focus on visually appealing and design but they have no proper meaning or concept of designing. Many are just using the pre-existing framework. Though it is very much in going trend for many and somehow people are creating good designs through this ideology but consider a fact that meaninglessly is not of much worth. If you have the capability to generate good design it is not difficult anymore to have a concept behind.

The people who strive for originality and have a class to understand the power of innovation will never accept such designs. The new amazing trend of the market is to generate a concept of design by working on the themes and adding elements with an idea of necessity in the design.

  1. Minimalism is good

Yes, it is! No need to add so many things and stuffing the website just to promote your brand or in the name of designing. Less is considered more many times if it is relevant and of good quality. Addition of design elements is good but less will look cool because it will make the audience to focus on the content. The idea of keeping white space in the design actually help people to navigate and understand things properly.

  1. Don’t Copy and Paste

In the field of designing copy pasting is actually the death of creativity and fundament of word designing. Taking inspiration of design, presenting an existing design with some changes or understanding the concept and giving it a new life is something that can make designers creative and impactful.

This will help them to generate and showcase their specific style and will provide innovative ideas for website designing. The new trend of the market is actually discouraging copy paste stuff and people are giving appreciation to new styles and experiments.

  1. Let People Explore

The idea that a concept will exhibit all its aspect just in a glimpse is actually impractical and less beneficial because it ends up the curiosity. Your design should be well defined and it should speak for its basic idea but it should not kill the margin of exploration. Keep one or two factors hidden so that people will roam over the website to get that.

  1. More and brighter color

To add personality and spark in design new trend is to use brighter tones and usually high contrasting colors. This actually appeals the views when used smartly. To generate keen focus on any particular object, pointer or tab designers are using high contrasting or brighter tones that can automatically gain the attention.

  1. Playing With Transparent Components

Though it is not exactly a new trend but more and more designers are using this as a powerful tool to create fabulous website designs. Crystal style, semi-transparent or impression components generate a visual appeal that stops the eyes to some certain points. This play in design is helpful to deliver the message in a stylish way.

  1. Grid Free Design

This trend is preferred for when product or service is related to arts or visualization. Like music, fashion, advertising etc. and personally I don’t recommend this trend for technical and production sector.

Grid-free designing gives a margin to designers to openly play with space and come up with totally new ideas. It breaks the uniformity and seriousness and helps to create informal designs.

  1. Pop-Up Menus

Pop-up menus are cool sometimes but sometimes they are irritating. If the menu is arriving for once only then it seems fine. There should be no enforcement to click any particular option but have options either following menu`s navigated path or closing the menu. This trend is amazing because it helps people to get to the right place quickly.

  1. Split Screen

When you want to show comparison or want to deliver multiple ideas at a time, split screen design style is super effective. It makes things more précised and understandable. It adds beauty to design as well and people can have more options at a time in a clear and organized order.

  1. More Animation

The animation will conquer the design style of the coming year because animation trend is already in and is being appreciated by an audience already. Animation makes things explanatory yet less boring. It is easy to view animation rather than reading text or making the understanding with pictures.

  1. More Illustration

Illustration adds life to design. Static and boring styles can get a spark with illustration. Colorful and cartoonish illustrations are a trend of the coming year. Whereas the place of abstract and impressionistic illustration is still live and considered as classy.

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